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Braas Monier Building Group, also known as BMI Group and Braas Monier, is a manufacturer of building materials for pitched roofs and roofing accessories in Europe, some Asian markets, and South Africa. The company's produces concrete and clay roof tiles, roofing accessories, ceramic and steel chimneys, and energy systems. Braas Monier is headquartered in Luxembourg. Since June 2017, Braas Monier Building Group has operated as BMI Group.

A former employee gripes about the job security "Braas is a revolving door company. I found this out through the networks I have in this industry, that I have worked 16+ years in. Low job security. Management takes us out to eat, saying they are weighing changing business philosophy from technical to customer service style I was replaced by a dental secretary for order entry."


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Counter Sales (Current Employee) says

"Don't fool yourself, this is GPC hiding under the name Braas. These scum bags will do anything to trick people into joining their clown company. Was told we were at the top of our pay grade and not going to receive raises ever again. Worked an extra holiday every year, so far we are up to three more since I started. Work sometimes 14 days in a row due to schedule staggering. No advancement opportunities, racist hillbilly culture. Entirely unprofessional and not consistent company policy. Rubbing onions in your eyes would be a better alternative. Don't go here. Run as fast as you can! Cons: Nearly Everything"

Blue collar (Former Employee) says

"Manager will not hire you if you've been affiliated with any other local machine shops in his town of Kansas City . So bottom line the kansas city manager over the machine shop prejudices over whom you've known and has total disregard for your skills and work ethics . True story isnt it MIKE . Cons: Money and personal hiring policies that corporate isnt aware of . Right Mike"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst buildings I worked at, no air condition and open garage doors which was unsafe. Unhealthy fumes blowing in from company next door and would have to close garage doors in 95 degree heat or die of lung cancer, it was that bad. Cons: no breaks"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"BRAAS was bought out by a larger company a few years back, it pushed them into poorly organized acquisitions, required inapplicable standards to be pointlessly imposed, shook up the previously successful management structure, and fragmented employee pride and investment in their work. Cons: Systemic disorganization, falling faith in mgmt competence, "corporate""

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